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  • Madness at Mad Lab Industries

    Mad Lab Industries is moving and not just location but we are growing in size. We have gone from a 2000sqft unit to a 10,000 Sqft Building and a nice dedicated flying area in the back. While we move we decided to launch our new Web Site, this is not only a massive face lift […]

  • Grasshopper V3 is here!

    The new Grasshopper V3 frame and Kits are ready to ship. They include upgraded body designs to use velcro for battery mounting, Improved camera and payload mounting locations and even a +1.5 version so those experiments and trials that need more room now have it. Furthermore we adopted a new FC

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  • Sale! MLI_1390

    DYS 3 Axis Brushless GoPro3 Gimbal

    This is one serious GoPro3 Gimbal.  3 axis of stabilization and can pan up to 5 whole rotations(Wire Limited).  Compact and a proven performer this is our personal choice for a 3 axis GoPro3 Solution.

    $399.99 $324.99 Add to cart
  • Sale! MLI_1385

    2000mW 5.8Ghz FPV Transmitter 32Ch

    1,200mW 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter with 32 Channels. Now features power in and out and a Microphone onboard.

    $229.99 $199.99 Add to cart
  • Sale! MLI_1283

    32 Channel 5.8Ghz Micro Receiver

    This is a very nice 32 Channel 5.8Ghz Micro Receiver that works great with various brands of transmitters.  It includes cables and a nifty antenna.

    $99.99 $62.99 Add to cart
  • Sale! MLI_1318

    Grasshopper V3 V-Frame

    Our Grasshopper Quadcopter V-Frame is an aerial vehicle that can operate in both remote, and unmanned modes. It is capable of several different types of flying ranging from recreational, sport, and AP. It is a medium sized Quadcopter and is optimally suited for sport, FPV and light AP work.

    $159.99 $119.99 Add to cart
  • Sale! MLI_1257

    High Powered LED board with RGB+W

    Put on some glasses and look out! these are some high powered LED’s, RGB+W to be exact, on a nice PCB with a beefy voltage regulator.

    $19.99 $15.99 Add to cart
  • Sale! MLI_1268

    LED Pucks with LED’s

    Need that extra light, here are the LED pucks used in our RTF kits.  Insert one under each motor and let the light shine.  This features a nice light spread and a strong knife edge when parallel great for reference when far away.

    $29.99 $19.99 Add to cart